What is sildenafil generic?

As of now, everyone knows that the drug that treats male erectile dysfunction is sildenafil citrate.  It is prescription drug that is licensed and manufactured by Pfizer.   As of the present, this drug is protected by patent laws which hinders other pharmaceutical manufacturing companies to create their own generic type of sildenafil citrate drug.

In that case, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies need to wait for the patent to expire so that they can create their own version of the sildenafil generic drug.  The patent according to records will expire on 2012 and once it expires then the whole world will be expecting other pharmaceutical companies to start their production and in turn, will be good for the masses because the prices will surely go down due to competition.

There is a confusion amongst the people if the sildenafil citrate is the sildenafil generic form as well.  Of course the answer is no, since sildenafil citrate is actually the active chemical compound that makes the product.  In order for the drug to become generic,  the original medicine’s patent should expire first and other pharmaceutical companies should start making their own version aside from the original manufacturer, thus the generic version of the drug is now made.

When the sildenafil generic drug has been made, it is just like the orginal one that you can take in orally and treat your erectile dysfunction.  It won’t differ from the original version since the contents would generally be the same.  When you take the drug surely the results can last up to four hours after taken in 30 minutes time.  It is advisable to take the drug an hour before you engage in sexual intercourse with your partner.  This drug is that safe since you can take it up to 3 times in a day.

According to survey, there is about 90% among those who used this drug made positive results.  This is truly a good basis that this sildenafil generic tablet really works without the fear of over dosage.  But to every type of medicine there are really side effects that can be encountered but this are very rare and are minor side effects.  It is still best to consult with your doctor before using this drug or any drug so that you can be assured that it is safe for you to use it.

The side effects may vary between the user of this drug, some of which are diarrhea, congested nasal cavity, headaches, infections in the urinary tract, upset stomach, vague vision and sensitivity to light.

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