What causes the erectile dysfunction among men?

When a man gets aroused his penis’ blood vessels gets filled up with blood that makes it erect and firm.  This is needed for the sexual intercourse between a man and a woman so that the penis can be stimulated to achieve orgasm and a possibility of a successful conception.

There is a problem called ED or erectile dysfunction among men that hinders the penis to get stimulated and thus become impotent and a big problem for pro-creation to take place.  This is due to a lot of factors and we are here to discuss what causes the erectile dysfunction of the penis.  This problem is mostly faced by men of older age and of those who have some medical problems as well.

Some causes that are physical are diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, low testosterone, alcoholism, smoking, multiple sclerosis, etc.  A lot of this causes can be identified when you have yourself checked when you experience erectile dysfunction.  This can be addressed by new medical technologies that were discovered already.

Also, having a lot of stress and mental health issues can cause erectile dysfunction.  Even emotional problems can affect the stimulation of the penis thus leading to a malfunction of the nerves and vessels in the body for it to get erected.  What causes erectile dysfunction not to be treated is when you don’t see a doctor and if you just let the dysfunction continue to happen.  This will further alleviate the problem of the penis and it might lead to permanent impotence when not treated.

Some other causes for erectile dysfunction can be psychological.  It is natural that the man’s brain is the first step for a proper sexual stimulation of the penis and it is the one that will first trigger the function of the other parts of the body to let the penis get stimulated and have a successful erection.  So if your brain is encountering problems like depression, stress, mental health problems and even emotional problems like when you have a relationship problem with your partner, this can also lead to an erectile dysfunction.

It is best to see your doctor to identify what causes the erectile dysfunction so you can take action immediately on what to do to be able to address the problem.  It is really very important to address this kind of problem as early as you can so you and your partner can continue to have the number of children you always planned to have.