Sildenafil citrate – The answer to impotence


Millions of men around the globe suffer from impotence, this is the erectile dysfunction of the penis.  Many reasons are there like diabetes, circulatory problems as well as neurological can cause this dysfunction to occur.  It can be a psychological problem too when you are with a partner since the dysfunction can affect sexual intercourse between partners and this can lead to unwanted relationships.

It is really important between partners to keep the fire burning through intercourse.  With this problem of impotence, the partners will suffer from not having the right sexual relationship and this will arise to problem their emotions as well.  The discovery of sildenafil citrate has made breakthrough in keeping the relationship alive.  Even the emotions between partners have been relieved by this wonder drug due to its power to treat erectile dysfunction.

With this drug, sildenafil citrate, the nightmares of not completing sexual intercourse is over.  Men who are of age have tried and believed that this drug has cured their problem of erectile dysfunction which in turn, also made their relationship with their partner alive and happy.  It is indeed an important part between a relationship that sexual intercourse should be kept alive and from this time on, this drug has done it’s job of keeping it that way.

Although sildenafil citrate can be the answer to erectile dysfunction, it has also some side effects that one should know about.  Some mild side effects include back pains, slight memory loss, clogged nose, reddening of chest, face and neck, headaches and stomach upsets. When taking sildenafil citrate and you are experiencing dizziness or nausea, experience pain and numbness or experience a tingling sensation in the arms, jaw, neck or the chest, call a physician. Severe side effects also include allergic reactions such as swelling in the lips, tongue, throat and face, hives and difficulty in breathing.

When symptoms like sudden loss in vision, chest pains, sudden hearing loss or ringing in the ears, fainting, irregular heartbeat, priapism or an erection which lasts for more than 4 hours, you should stop taking sildenafil citrate.

You must not take sildenafil citrate when you are administering drugs that contain amyl nitrate or butyl like poppers. As well as when you are using isosorbide, nitroglycerin or drugs which are nitrate based and if you are experiencing heart disorders or had stroke for the last 6 months. It is best to consult your physician before taking this ED drug.

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