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Kamagra TabletsKamagra Tablets are a inexpensive as well as extremely efficient remedy intended for males who have a medical condition of (E.D) Erectile Dysfunction that  is as recognized to many people as Impotence.

Kamagra Tablets contain the Sildenafil Citrate compound which is the identical compound found in the brand name drug Viagra. Kamagra Tablets are produced by the Ajanta Pharma Indian medicine company . Kamagra tablets hold the equivalent formula and function in a comparable way to its more expensive counterpart Viagra created by Plizer. It takes approximately 45 minutes for Kamagra tablets to start working and is effective for 4-8 hours.

Kamagra is a little blue pill and gives you the ability to get and sustain an erection again! and produces results for over 80% of the men that use Kamagra Tablets.

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Kamagra Tablets and Oral Jelly must be used under a doctors supervision. It is strongly recommended that you seek medical advice (all instances) to see if you are healthy enough for sexual activity. Most importantly Kamagra Tablets should never be taken if you take any medicines that contain nitrates.

Make sure you do not use kamagra with any other nitrates containing medicine to avoid drop in your blood pressure. in any case that you are not sure, consult a doctor.

Possible Side Effects of Kamagra Tablets

Like all medicines, some people taking KAMAGRA may experience rare but possible side effects. These side effects are usually mild and do not last longer than a hour or 2.

Common seen side effects in kamagra are the following ones:

Strong Headache, upset stomach or facial flushing  and the least common may be blurred vision,temp bluish vision and an annoying sensitivity to light. Drinking plenty of water after the use of Kamagra Tablets will help get rid of any side effects.