Kamagra Gel, the Viagra Alternative


Kamagra GelBeing impotent is a condition that is inevitable especially for the old men. Impotence known as the lack of ability to maintain the erection for the duration of a sexual session. In most cases, men even find it hard to have an erection to begin with. This is a very common sickness, but do not worry because there is a cure.

If you have done researches, or if you have asked about the best ways for you to treat male erectile dysfunction or impotence, then you must have already come across or heard about Viagra. Viagra is a medicine used to treat male erectile dysfunction. But Viagra is not the only medicine that can treat impotence, another alternative to treat this dysfunction is the medicine called Kamagra Gel.

Kamagra Gel Vs. Viagra

Kamagra Gel and Viagra basically do the same thing; this is because Kamagra Gel is the generic form of Viagra. A generic drug is generally a drug that is produced and disseminated without patent protection. But generic drugs are totally safe if they are FDA-approved. Generic drugs are less expensive compared to the branded drugs, and they practically have the same effect.

Generic drugs and the original formulation generally contain the same active ingredients. Like Kamagra Gel and Viagra are, they both contain the active ingredient called Sildenafil Citrate. Sildenafil Citrate works by releasing a huge amount of cyclic Guanophine Monophosphate. This active ingredient is what enables an increase in the blood flow to the penal area.

How to use Kamagra Gel and How much to Take in

Kamagra Gel is very easy and convenient to take because it is orally taken in, and to add more to its convenience, it is in liquid for which makes it easier to swallow. This can be taken in without water, so that when you feel that you have to perform a sexual intercourse it will be quick to take in. But it is to be remembered also that Kamagra Gel should be taken an hour before desired sexual intercourse.

With regards the dosage, it generally depends on whoever is taking the medication, but it would be best if you consult the doctor if you intend to take one. But most people start with taking in the 50 mg of kamagra gel first, and then increase to 100 mg if they feel that an increase in dosage is necessary. Although the doctor will know the perfect dosage with the tests, you are the owner of your body; your judgement will also matter.

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