How sildenafil tablets benefits you


Before, when men became impotent, there was no treatment that can counter that dysfunction.  Sexual intercourse between partners cannot happen due to erectile dysfunction of the penis.  A problem between partners that affects their relationship has not been addressed due to impotence.  Then in 1998, a drug that was invented to treat erectile dysfunction was invented, and this was the so called sildenafil tablet.  It came out in the market with many brand names like viagra or revatio and it treated erectile dysfunction.

This sildenafil chemical was tested by Pfizer in their research facility.  At first, it was studied for hypertension and a symptom for a heart disease.  But with its initial test, it showed that the sildenafil had little effect on the angina and instead induce penile erection.  So in the end, the company, Pfizer, decided to market the sildenafil tablet for erectile dysfunction and all the rest is history.

From then on, many partners were reconciled because of the miracle that this drug brought.  Until now, this sildenafil tablet is used for treating erectile dysfunction on the male’s penis and can be used also to treat diabetes.  There were cases that antidepressants were used and this reacted to a sexual dysfunction as well, so sildenafil was used and it resulted to an improvement to impotence.

In cases of pulmonary hypertension, this drug relaxes the walls of the artery which results in a less pressure which then decreases the force on the heart’s right ventricle and enhances the symptoms of heart failure.  For high-altitude pulmonary edema as well, sildenafil tablet can be used to prevent this.  It has also be known that amongst those who don’t have erectile dysfunction, this drug was used to improve sexual performance and increasing the male’s libido too.

Then this drug has also shown signs of increasing penis length and improved the refractory period for the male to have an erection again.  Because after a male’s orgasm, there is a period where the penis cannot have an erection due to the infused hormone oxytocin during ejaculation.  This will depend on the age of the male and how long he can recover from his previous orgasm.  And the answer to that problem was tested using the drug and it did it’s job of improving the refractory time.

You can avail this drug if you have a prescription from a doctor.  You can also avail it online as soon as you fill up a questionnaire.  Just a few years back, this drug can be now availed over-the-counter by men between the age of 35 to 60 as long as they get a prescription after consulting with a pharmacist.

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